F1A Event Title

F1 B Evemt Website

F1 C Facebook page

F1 D Event email address

F1 E Event contact name

F1 F Event Contract email address

F1 G Event Contact phone number

F2 Blank------------------------

F3 A Venue State

F3 B Venue zip code

F3 C Venue contact

F3 D Venue phone number

F3 E Venue email address

F3 F Venue website

F4 A Description

F4 B Tags

F4 C Attractions / Performers

F5 A Producer name

F5 B Producer Address 1

F5 B Producer Address 2

F5 C Producer City

F5 D Producer State

F5 E Producer Zip code

F5 F Producer phone number 1

F5 G Producer phone number 2

F5 F Producer email address

F5 G Producer website

F5 H Producer Group

F5 I notes:

F6 A Age Range Under 18

F6 B Age Range Over 18

F6 C Age Range Senior Citizens over 60

F6 D Age Range Family

F6 E Age Range 21 and over

F6 F Age Range Singles

F6 G Age Range Married

F7 H Age Range all ages

F7 A Pricing

F7 B Tickets Brown Bag

F7 C Tickets Ebay

F7 D Tickets Stub Hub

F7 E Credit Card Bank of California

F7 C Credit Card Bank of America

F7 D Credit Card Wells Fargo

F7 E Credit Card Chase

F7 F Credit Card Citibank

F7 GCredit Card Barclays

F7 H Credit Card Apple

F7 I Credit Card Stanford Mutual

F7 J Credit Card Diners Club Card

F7 K Credit Card American Express

F7 L Credit Card Other

F8 A Begin and End time and dates text: begtin and end dates are entered with a period between the month.day the begin and end times are enteed with a colon: 8:00pm and 11:00 pm


F8 B Begin Time 12.00 12.15 12.30 12.45 1.00 1.15 1.30 1.45 2.00 2.15 2.30 2.45 3.00 3.15 3.30 etc

F8 B End Time 12.00 12.15 12.30 12.45 1.00 1.15 1.30 1.45 2.00 2.15 2.30 2.45 3.00 3.15 3.30 etc

F8 D Days of the year

F8 E Repeat days of the week

F8 E Repeat Days of the month

F9 A Access Assisted listening system

F9 B Access Sign Language

F9 C Access Volume Control Telephone

F9 D Access Large Print

F9 E Access Open Caption

F9 F Access Wheelchair Access

F10 Save

F11 Clear All data

F12 Quit