Main page 094.shtml
different main page philosophies basic
1. program title top left
2. search box same row at title
3. primary action: search, advanced search, add event, my account

methods to access secondary information
     terms of use
     system status

     first line gear icon
     first line pull dow
     second and third rows
     bottom of first page
     left nav bar see craigslist
    second and third row - too busy
     bottom = takes too long to look up. several mouse or key strokes
     gear and pulldown are ok,but can't see everything at once
          left nav can see everything at once without scrolling or mouseclicking an
          better than pull down as you can add to the bottom of the left nav without interefering with anything else
     rule is to get ot the information as quickly as possible, measured by actual time and number of key strokes and mouse clicks or mouse wheeling
     where am I?
    what's next?
     how do I get to what I want?
     how do I get back to where I was?
     how long does it take to get to where I want?
     how difficult in terms of key or mouse clicks or mouse scrolls to get to where I want?
     do not use tables. use css
     use as few different fonts, font sizes, and colors as possible

          use cl spyglass for search or just use enter      save search on two lines!!!