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Most searches for events have three sections: what,where,and when.


The WHAT can be just about anythng that attracts you to the event: a singer, a play, a performance group, a music group, a play, a baseball game, a festival, a city art and wine festival, fourth of july fireworks, new years eve party, symphony, amusement park, social gathering,city council meeting, etc. The WHAT could also be a venue, as in a movie theatre, a park, a symphony hall, a county fairgrounds, a music hall, a fraternal organization hall, etc.


The WHERE could be a state, a county, a geographical region, a city, or a zip code. You can also specify the area around a city, county, or region by fselecting a mileage range. for example. Oakland within 10 miles,San Jose (no mileage distance,just San Jose only) or Santa Clara county with 15 miles. or just selection the zip code 94301 within zero to 50 miles.


You can use several options to specify the WHEN of your search criteria. For example: today, tomorrow, this weekend,this month, etc. Or you can select any number of holidays, like Halloween, Christmas, fourth of july, or New Year's Eve. In addition, you can select one or several dates, like July 1 to Jul 18, or just individual dates like July 1 July 4 July 11.


San Francisco this weekend
Blues music through next weekend
Festivals this month near San Francisco
Baseball this month Oakland
zoo 03/01/2011 through 04/01/2011
tango dancing 03.01 03.04 04.14 Oakland 10 miles museums 3.01
museums March 1
within 5 miles 94301
within 10 miles oakland
in Oakland
near Oakland
Great American music hall
Great American Music hall this month
Moscone Center
Bill Graham presents
Century 21
Oakland Stadium this weekend
Salsa dancing today
Salsa dancing tonight
Salsa dancing Tuesdays
highest rated
most popular
1015 Folsom thru next month
new wave San Francisco
bridal fairs
Garage Sales

Garage Sales near 94301 Garage Sales in San Francisco
Citywide garage sales through end of year