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Allevents is a comprehensive event listing site.
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What is an event? An Event is a leisure, recreational, entertainment, social, singles, family, kids, spiritual,  hobby, commercial, civic or professional activity that has a time, place, specific purpose, intermittent frequency, and  is publicly available.

Examples movies, concerts, dances, festivals, fairs, garage sales, sports activities, fairs, symphony, opera, ballet, movies, theatre, expos, conventions, al concerts, dances, garage sales, antique show, pet show, and reunions, expositions and conventions.
Not Events traditional retail store, school opening and closings, private events, commercial or civic openings, or any commercial or civic activity which is regular, long term, repeated activity on a year long daily basis. Any event that requires membership outside of admission fee is not considered an event for listing on AllEvents. Any event by a group which excludes any part of the public is not an event that can be listed on AllEvents.
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Adding Events
We add new events two ways: 1) our staff enters the events and 2)  event producers, event venue managers, groups, performers, and artists enters their own event. We encourage everyone to enter their own events.
Submit your event for free
You are welcome to add your event to our list. The process is very easy. Just click on the "Add Events" link on the main page. You will be asked for the event title, event description, event date range and date repeatabilty, event locations, event contacts, and event artists. Free. No cost to add your events. Events may be viewed, edited, removed, or reposted in the "My Events" link at the top of the main page.
You may receive automatice emailed notices of events for which you may specify specific phrases, tag, artists, venues, producers, or reviewers. You may edit your preferences at any time.
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